Steca TR0301U Solar Control
  • 3 Inputs (Sensors)
  • 1 Output (Relay)
  • Digital Display
The Steca model TR0301U differential temperature control provides for the automatic, safe, and reliable operation of domestic solar water heating systems. The control output is wired to a pump that circulates the heat transfer fluid between the solar thermal collectors and the storage tank during the course of the day. This microprocessor-based control utilizes two RTD type sensors to monitor collector and tank temperatures with digital accuracy.

The LCD gives the homeowner a variety of real time information including system temeratures at up to three separate locations. The consistent use of simple pictograms ensures ease of operation and troubleshooting. In addition to the primary function of turning the circulating pump on and off during the day, the TR0301U provides important diagnostic and safety functions. For example, the LCD pictograms will indicate fault conditions such as sensor shorts or pump failure. The installation manual also clearly describes the fault symptoms, possible causes and remedies.

The control features a total of three inputs and one 120 VAC output for the circulating pump. Varistors protect the sensor inputs against high voltage spikes. The load side is fuse protected. The control package includes two RTD type (resistance temperature detector) sensors, a seven foot line cord and a spare fuse. An optional third sensor displays the upper tank temperature and eliminates the need for an analog thermometer and fittings.

The numerous additional features of the TR0301U include an adjustable on/off differential (8 - 20° F) and high limit (32° F - 205° F), an evacuated tube collector function, vacation overheat protection to minimize collector stagnation, and a freeze-recirculation option. Temperatures can be displayed in either Fahrenheit (F°) or Celsius (C°).

The Steca TR0301U includes a digital display, a power cord, two pt1000 stainless steel sensors, and an external outlet for the circulating pump.

  • 3 Inputs (Sensors)
  • 1 Output (Relay)
  • Digital Display
  • 8-20°F adjustable turn-on differential
  • 4°F fixed turn-off differential
  • 32-205°F adjustable high limit
  • 120 VAC input
  • 400 Watt (.5HP@120VAC) output
  • Power Cord and External Outlet
  • 1K PT1000 SS Sensors (2 Included in Kit)
  • +/- 1°F Accuracy
  • PT1000 Sensors
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