Date: 09/27/2021
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TR0301U Steca Solar Control w/Display

Steca Solar Control w/Display

TR0301U Solar Controller
Includes 2 SS Probe Sensors. A $40 Value
  • Digital Accuracy
  • LCD Provides Real Time Operating Temperatures At Up To Three Locations
  • Animated Representation of System Operation
  • Sophisticated Monitoring and Fault Diagnostics
  • Fused Output Protection For Pump Circuit
  • Varistor High Voltage Spike Protection
  • RTD Type 1000 Sensors ( 2 sensors included )
  • Adjustable On/Off Differential and High Limit
  • Evacuated Tube & Freeze Recirculation Functions
  • Vacation Overheat Protection
  • Accessible Side-Mounted On, Off, Auto Switch
  • Three Temperature Sensor Inputs/One 120 VAC Output
Additional Sensors

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Installation manual available with order.

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