Date: 08/17/2018
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BS Plus Resol DeltaSol BS Plus Control

Resol DeltaSol BS Plus Control

The DeltaSol® BS Plus controller is pre-programmed for different hydraulic basic systems and equipped with pump speed control and heat quantity measurement.The controller additionally has a time controlled thermostat function and is equipped with the RESOL VBus® for data communication.

The VBus® permits two way communication between modules, PCs or dataloggers. The controller can easily be configurated by PC using the RESOL ServiceCenter Software. Temperatures in certain time slots can be adjusted independently using the integrated thermostat function and real time clock.

Includes a heat dump function, drainback functionality including a booster function, and more.

Full kit includes:
  • 2 FRP 6 Tank Sensors
  • 2 FKP 6 Collector Sensors
  • 2 Mounting Screws
  • 1 4A Can Fuse
  • 4 Strain Reliefs
  • 1 BS PLUS Controller

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